Title: Rizq رزق the gift shop
Background location: KVK Amsterdam
Works for sale by: Charlotte Rooijackers, Daniel Aguilar Ruvalcaba, Diana Cantarey, Hannah Dawn Henderson, Jip van Steenis, Julian Abraham 'Togar', Penelope Koliopoulou, Polina Medvedeva, Rei Kakiuchi, Saemundur Thor Helgason, Tomasz Skibicki, Yazan Khalili & more
Date: 29th October 2021–29th Janurary 2022
Fridays 14h-18h, Saturdays by appointment
Rizq رزق is an Arabic word that can mean livelihood, blessing, income, or work. It is used in different ways and for different reasons; rizq can be about money, but also about love and care. Rizq is a participatory gift shop initiated by Yazan Khalili, with affordable non-art objects by artists on sale. Through this platform we will discuss the current structures of the economy we work within, and produce an economy based on collective practices and sharing of resources. At the opening Julian Abraham 'Togar' will bring his jamming station "Jam on Jam on Jam on Jam" to play live at the space and on Radio Alhara, 5pm-8pm, 29th October, alongside an open mic to discuss issues related to economy and the objects we are selling.

Rizq رزق takes place within the framework of Synchronic Cinema, a series of works with (dis)placed narrators, presented over the duration of 2021-2022 with Ott Metusala, Clémence Lollia Hilaire, Eric Baudelaire, Kent Chan, Zone Collective, Yazan Khalili. The physical works are shown in the space, with online stories appearing here.

Since the start in 2021, When Site Lost the Plot is an art organization dedicated to exploring the topography of site specific identity through contemporary art. We explore this through research development, production, presentation, and collaboration. We are in somewhere between an artist-run space, a publishing collective, and a cinema based in Amsterdam.

This takes place in the exhibition space in Amsterdam, as well as events in public space, digital projects, and other forms of experimental publishing. The collective commissions and produces 5-8 projects per year from artists, filmmakers, designers, diasporas, and specialists from different fields, generating the discourses in our platform by transplanting and relocating stories through formats and sites, and for diverse audiences to have access to these.

By shifting the research and publishing sites, we look at different kinds of community and publicity. We aim to approach how the perceptions of site-specificity are changing. Instead of thinking exclusively locally, how can traveling narratives be a geopolitical tool? What are the possibilities of working with sites, subjects, and stories of history that have become unstable or in flux? we explore geopolitical possibilities of publication, exhibition, and media, with global networks and emerging nationalisms, when climate change and migration make the interconnectedness of sites more apparent.

Our Travelling narrative can be the journey from the camera to the projector or a journey across borders of the map. We are working with inbetween identities, with site as a fiction preceded by plots going beyond it. How can we rethink site-specificity in the practice of publishing, or diasporic communities, by relocating sites? With different perspectives, tools, and methods available for describing sites in transformation, how does siteless identity get located, and where and how can consensus be established? Through our program, we aim to support art practitioners and to represent the interconnectedness of sites.

Westerdok 782, 1013BV, Amsterdam

When Site Lost the Plot is a non-profit foundation with ANBI status in the Netherlands.
Commercial Register KVK: 84298383
RSIN/ANBI: 863162204
VAT-Identification: NL823807071B01
IBAN: NL29INGB0674693086
BOARD: Aram Lee, Quenton Miller, Karoline Świeżyński

POLICY: When Site Lost the Plot is an art space creating platforms for research, narrative and archive-based artwork. This takes place in the exhibition space in Westerdok, as well as events in public space, digital projects, and other forms of experimental publishing. The collective commissions and produces projects from artists, filmmakers, designers and specialists from other fields, providing a platform where international and Netherlands-based artists can experiment with transplanting and relocating stories through formats and sites. When Site Lost the Plot is financially supported by the mondriaan fonds, Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, NL Filmfonds, and other funding, donations. When Site Lost the Plot and the Board comply with the Cultural Governance Code.

WSLTP: Aram Lee (Co-founder), Quenton Miller(Co-founder)
Marissa Lee Benedict

Luca Napoli - Synchronic Cinema(Our Digital projects)
Constant dullaart - Synchronic Cinema Advisor
BACKGROUND: paleblueworld by Luca Napoli
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